Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dirty Dancing

This may be my favorite prompt of All Time. "Wishcasting Wednesday" was the first blogging group I ever participated in-- it's how I came to know my online tribe, for whom I am endlessly grateful.

The rules are quite simple.

1) Your Thoughts are Things and just as much a part of Nature as rocks or birds or tides. 

2) Cool things are possible when we get our thoughts together for a party. 

Alright, let's Wish.

This wish comes with a little back story. A few weeks ago, I not-so-cryptically posted about trying something I'd never done before. I'm a burlesque fan girl: I love to read about it, gather images and travel the country to see the best. These performers honor a great tradition, own their bodies and are truly committed to their art.

While sitting on a train a few weeks ago, I came across an audition call for a new cabaret. I have always wanted to attempt burlesque but was just too chicken shit: conscious of my body, worried about my lack of grace, concerned about my butt.  And afraid. Mostly afraid. And the butt thing.

A little voice said, It's a new year, Lady. Let's get weird.

So I auditioned. And I bombed. And not the "you're your own worst critic" bombing of a perfectionist-- but actually bombed. I turned into a sweat sock in the waiting room, warbled through my song, got my tutu stuck in my nose ring and fudged the end of my act. It was brutal.

I was not sexy. I was Doomed. Utter doom.

And then I recieved the call that I had been cast. Holy shit.

I'll be appearing as Veruca Salt in Charlie's Chocolate Cabaret.

The Universe rewards leaps of insanity.

My wish is that this new opportunity--my personal final frontier--will help me hone my stage craft. I wish for this to be a positive learning experience and to meet other performers who are proud of their freak flags and wear their art on their sleeves. I wish to be fearless!

What do you wish for, kittens? Wish big. Wish wide.

Don't tell my Grandma,


  1. OMG!!!!! That is pretty freaking AMAZING, Molly!! Well heck, you see? It was just meant to be! Congratulations!! And, as you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

  2. What an amazing story. I am all for being Fearless, this is an awesome wish. As you wish for yourself I also wish for you.