Monday, October 21, 2013

Costume of The Week: Who Was She?

 As soon as my coworker pulled this dramatic black chapeau out of the travel trunk I knew it must be mine. While modeling it in the mirror, I fantasied about what sort of woman wore this hat before me: Where she worked, what shade of lipstick she wore, what brand of cigarettes she smoked, or if she was still alive.

The next delight came after reading the embroidered tag: "Sarah Becker Millinery, Milwaukee WI".

 A little research led me to the jsonline archives and The Church Times ebook where I discovered an ad for the 1930's hat shop.  The millinery stood in what was then  the industrial warehouse district of the Third Ward. I was anxious to visit the building, but found that the hulking overpass now stands in its place.

This hat-jewel has sparked a new obsession: finding vintage pieces produced in the yesteryear of our fair city. They could be anywhere at any moment; sleeping in closets and resale shops, waiting to be worn, waiting to tell you a secret. You can find more treasures like this one via Fashion Farmboy.

What are you wearing this week, Muffins?

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