Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eavesdropping: The Italian Rocker

A fullish moon was rising and I sipped scalding hot coffee. While waiting for a friend in a little corner outside of the cafe on Brady Street, I found myself at the Nexus of Bizarre Conversation.

The discussion between two nearby humans was too perfect. Upon committing to eavesdropping, I dug a few lipstick covered receipts out of my purse to scribble on as the louder of the two dictated.

These are my findings:

 "That is a legend, that cat nip is for cats cause
it's got 'cat' in it. It's for cats AND humans!

Shit man, I rid my bike places you never seen.
Take the old lady, let her see it in her MIND.

You're a Scorpio dude, on the CUSP. That's super rare--
like only an hour away. Pick five charms...

no no yeah  yeah, don't look at em. Nope,
put that one back. You're not an engineer, right?

New friends, man! I seen you a couple of times.
I'll send you a picture. 

He called it the Tree of Life, man.  With a bridge and everything.
It's in Brookfield. 

I never been there in a long time. I put up a blockade
to keep the homeless from wandering. I added a new part.

Next year is the gardening phase: a beautiful beautiful garden.
From Skid Row to Oasis. 

Look at me! I'm an Italian rocker! I'm Rockin!
Are you rockin?! Are you Italian?
I wanna learn Italian to meet an Italian woman. 
Let's go to Chicago anyway. " 

If I hadn't had standing dinner plans with some pretty women, I would have. 

Happy Spying,

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