Saturday, September 28, 2013

Arboretum Adventure

This evening I went to explore the recently opened Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum-- a new green jewel of collaboration and imagination near the Urban Ecology Center. It is a meditative and bewitching space. In the quiet of leggy flowers and undulating grasses, it's difficult to believe that this sanctuary is only a mile from the heart of the city.

While strolling through the grassy trails I savored the thought that 50 years from now, when I am 76 years old, there will be a forest here.

Happy Wandering,

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eavesdropping: The Italian Rocker

A fullish moon was rising and I sipped scalding hot coffee. While waiting for a friend in a little corner outside of the cafe on Brady Street, I found myself at the Nexus of Bizarre Conversation.

The discussion between two nearby humans was too perfect. Upon committing to eavesdropping, I dug a few lipstick covered receipts out of my purse to scribble on as the louder of the two dictated.

These are my findings:

 "That is a legend, that cat nip is for cats cause
it's got 'cat' in it. It's for cats AND humans!

Shit man, I rid my bike places you never seen.
Take the old lady, let her see it in her MIND.

You're a Scorpio dude, on the CUSP. That's super rare--
like only an hour away. Pick five charms...

no no yeah  yeah, don't look at em. Nope,
put that one back. You're not an engineer, right?

New friends, man! I seen you a couple of times.
I'll send you a picture. 

He called it the Tree of Life, man.  With a bridge and everything.
It's in Brookfield. 

I never been there in a long time. I put up a blockade
to keep the homeless from wandering. I added a new part.

Next year is the gardening phase: a beautiful beautiful garden.
From Skid Row to Oasis. 

Look at me! I'm an Italian rocker! I'm Rockin!
Are you rockin?! Are you Italian?
I wanna learn Italian to meet an Italian woman. 
Let's go to Chicago anyway. " 

If I hadn't had standing dinner plans with some pretty women, I would have. 

Happy Spying,

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rainbow Scavenger

Autumn renews my desire to investigate, document and hunt. As a professional Love Note Writer, I am always looking for new sensory data which leads to being wooed by my city. This week's research was to gather rainbow evidence while wandering the neighborhood: keeping my eyes open for pops of color and other strange occurrences.  

"It is a known condition that when you begin to really pay attention to something you've never really looked at before you will begin to see it everywhere. You eventually begin to feel as if the thing is out to find you, instead of the other way around." -Keri Smith

Where have you been hunting?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall: A Love Letter

Dear Fall,

You haven't arrived yet, but I've been waiting for you with my nosed pushed up on the window. I know I've been spending a lot of time with Summer, but my heart has always been yours. You know how girls are...

Is that you? It smells like you. Burning leaves, soup potions, low moons and that exceptional weird night magic you carry around like a hair 'do.

Locust leaves skittering and the grey lake getting stirred up while we drink beers in blanket capes. Film festivals, cat ears and beach bonfires for short day after shorter day. I wander around drunk on the smoky wooly dreams of what we'll do together.

But, I can wait. I'll stay up past midnight if I have to.

Patiently Yours,


What are you looking forward to this fall?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Photo Shoot: New Pink Planet

On August 5th, NASA announced the discovery of a new pink planet: GJ504b.
A truly sexy name.

To honor this incredible and beautiful discovery, artist Richard Edelman created a snappy fuchsia sculpture. In celebration of our love of all things pink, my bestie Kelly and I went to the Third Ward to pay homage to the city's latest beautification project.

You can find out more about the artist  here!

Pink Forever, Forever Pink!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Creeper: Quartz Gallery Mural

I'm a creeper.

But you knew that already.

I love to document my neighborhood like it's my job: accidents, signs, shops, stains, flowers and telephone poles. I'm probably in your bushes right now...

It's been a treat to track the development of a new dreamy mural on the side of Quartz Gallery. Whoever the lovely elf is that created this work was certainly stealthy as I never caught them in the act. Every time I wandered past the building, I excitedly shuffled through my purse for my phone. Take a peek!

What a wonderful surprise. Do you have a favorite mural or paint moment in Milwaukee?

Creep On.