Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Blue Jacket

I've been dying to get into this new darling since it opened a few weeks ago and was finally able to coerce someone into giving me a ride to Walker's Point. (Aka: date night.)

It was worth the wait.

Visiting Blue Jacket is like dining in your dream boat house: casual, clean decor with selective bits of driftwood and glass that quietly hint at its maritime theme. A breeze floats through the small candle lit dining room as the entire front of the restaurant is an open window.  

The Shins are softly spinning on the record player. 

Cozying up to the bar, we started with cocktails. The London Fog was my poison of choice: an elegantly mixed and mysterious smokey gin potion. God Bless you, Bittercube.

Nerd Side Note: I would like to high-five management for hiring a designer to create the menu. So often, a good menu is ruined by distracting half-assed layouts. These particularly delicious offerings deserve attention.

Thank you, Mystery Designer, whoever you are. You're an American Hero.

There was much deliberation over which savory morsels we were going to destroy. We were pleasantly surprised by our "small plate" portions. My roasted vegetable poutine was delivered in a small canoe with a generous side of a velvety mushroom gravy.

I was conflicted about licking the plate.

It's gravy. Don't judge me.

The food, atmosphere and company were so divine that I neglected to document any of it. My Real Life at that moment was too awesome for my phone. I apologize dear Reader, I know you REALLY wanted to see poorly lit pictures of my decimated half eaten meat balls.

So here's a picture I didn't take:

With the addition of an attentive and charming waitstaff, our meal felt like a relaxed dinner party with friends. There was no rushing, no shouting over lousy music, no impatient thumb twiddling--

Just a satisfying summer night on the Third Coast.

Get thee to Blue Jacket. You won't be disapointed.
Where have you been nibbling?

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