Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Milwaukee Summer Must Do's

Summer in the cream city is short, but we have a about a month left to savor! And squeeze it we shall. Stumped about what to do with your hotness? Here are a few of my favorite Summer Must Do's:

1) Make an edible abomination at FroYo. At least three-parts breakfast cereal to one-part Yo is required. My favorite part is reading the poster in the shop that promises that not only is eating this frozen yogurt making me healthier, but giving me yeast-infection fighting super powers. I'll take it.

2) Split a bottle of champagne outside Allium Cafe. Enjoy the choice people watching with pretty company. For best results, this ritual should be repeated regularly.

3) Steal a moment alone to enjoy the swings under the Brady Street Bridge. Or find a handsome stranger to push you...into the trunk of their car. Okay, nix the handsome stranger. But really, the swings are a delightful refuge from the heat.

4) Camp out for the summer music series at Denim Park. This petite oasis showcases local music, food truck fair and all of the cutest dogs in the city. However, be prepared for hoards of children and hula-hoopers. You've been warned. Bonus: This series marries my love of live music and Reginald Baylor.

5) Enjoy a Parking Lot Lunch at El Rey's. "Parking Lot Lunch" is simple: Purchase a dozen heavenly pork tamales and scarf them in the privacy of your friends car. Pair with a Juarrito's pineapple soda and the hottest lava salsa your fleshy human face can handle. I highly recommend it.

6) Check out the view from Cafe Benelux. While the cafe's food is consistently mediocre, the view of the Third Ward from the rooftop is worth enduring the over-dressed salad. You get a beautiful view of all the textures, skyline, and raw character of the historic neighborhood. Plan dinner during a thunderstorm to watch the clouds roll in.

7) Sun yourself at Southshore beach. Or pick up rocks. Or snap photos of sail boats. Or build a fort. Or sit in a willow tree. Or find a commendably  constructed garbage bong. Or don't. There are far fewer wet dogs, questionable bathrooms and drunk zombies than other beaches. It's like Bradford for misanthropes.

8) Wear a big hat. It's a thing you do in the summer. 

9) Stomp around Bayview Gallery Night. Third Ward, you're great. But your million dollar paintings of fruit and dixie cups of room temperature wine have left us wanting. Bayview has some exciting pop art offerings, heavy libations and a cute guy selling stick on-mustaches. SOLD.

10) Visit the Watertower fountains at night. Have an illuminated fantasy photo shoot and dip your toes in the water before you are arrested.

How do you do summer in the city, kittens?

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