Monday, July 29, 2013

Stay Confused: A Letter From The Lake

Dear Lovers,

I just wanted to say hello. Between constantly hugging you and vanishing into the distance, it's been a busy summer.

I've been reading the hieroglyphs scrawled on the break wall. When you're eyes stretch 22,300 miles and your guts are made of dinosaur dust and dead sailors you tend to be in the know.

So, I already knew the Desmond was gay.  But I'm glad you told me anyway.

Have you ever laid on your back and watched the white buoy tummy of a duck float by without a sound? That's the best. And it doesn't matter how many times they slip in--

the sailboats still tickle.

The precipitation has been constant: Plastic bag jelly fish. Driftwood limbs. Naked bottles.

I know when you've been to visit. It's always good to see you. I can hear you holding hands up there.

You've grown and I'm proud of you.

I just wanted to let you know that nothing and everything changes forever. You can put that up on your human fridge if it helps you remember. And I mean, the fridge you use for human food, not a fridge you keep humans in. That'd be weird.

I'm a lake. I don't have appliances. It's complicated.

But nature is complicated. And complicated is Beautiful.

That's math.

Stay confused, Lovers.

The Lake

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