Saturday, July 27, 2013

Milwaukee Movies: On The Verge

An excited crowd gathered outside of the Times Cinema this week for a screening of On The Verge: a crass and endearing chronicle of a tight knit trio of depraved poop-obsessed nymphomaniacs with hearts of gold.

It is a hilarious RomCom. If that RomCom was kind of like a porn you made with your friends.

Do not be mistaken--this is not to belittle the quality of the film. (It would be a high budget porn...) I just can't think of an awkward experience comparable to a group of embarrassed platonic friends watching pantomimed blowjob after pantomimed blowjob.

Get ready to squirm. And laugh. Hard.

As an unapologetic feminist, some of the expletives made me cringe. (So, don't see this movie with your grandma...unless your into that kind of thing). However, I truly appreciated director Pete Balistrieri's portrayal of female characters: these women are not delicate flowers. They are just as kinked-out and disgusting as men.

If dildos and rubber gloves aren't your bag don't fret, there is plenty of Milwaukee eye candy to enjoy. The film is sprinkled with beloved hangouts: Brady Street, Bay View, glittering vignettes of downtown and the lakefront blanketed with snow.

The momentum is maintained by a killer soundtrack of champion local bands: The Celebrated Working Man, Revolush and The Mellismatics to name a few.

Check out the On The Verge facebook page for more info and happenings.

Here's to shit getting weird. xo

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