Monday, July 8, 2013

Bay View Maker Market Treasures

My sister and I bumped down to Bay View on what felt like the first Real Day of Summer to scope out the Maker Market at Alterra.

This is not a craft fair for the faint of heart-- this is an excellently curated collection of some of the best craftspeople and artisans the area has to offer. Bonus: this shindig happens monthly.

While sipping your favorite caffeinated beverage you can peruse a lovely collection of calligraphy, ceramics, prints, accessories, apparel, boutique body care and specialty foods. (No ironic Popsicle sticks here.)

I was particularly excited to bump into one of my favorite friendly faces and  the reigning Craft Queen of Milwaukee: Madam Chino!

Vanessa is as a triple threat: talented artist, educator and organizer, making her one of my favorite local clothiers. I don't think there is anything she can't make--she should be knitting for NASA.

We had difficulty selecting our treasures as everything at the Madam's buffet was tempting. (I'll be sure to show you my finds in an upcoming post!) You can peep more of her work here.

Another vendor that tickled my fancy was Michael C. Veon of Alchemy Earrings. He offers an array of untreated rough gemstone jewelry. I loved the option of mixing and matching stones, but I was smitten after finding these wild and delicate coyote teeth earrings.

I put them on immediately.

You can find more of Michael's inspiring work here. It's exciting and encouraging to see all of the talent your community has to offer. It's even better when the company is good, the coffee is strong and you can carry it home.

Do you have a favorite local designer?

Wishing you much Love and Craft Power,

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