Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stuff I Love Sunday: Donut Drunk

Nuggets from this week in Paradise:

Catching this rainbow by mistake. The piano keys at Cathedral Square. Fireworks with friends before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs blew our brains out. Yellow moon reflected in the lagoon. Sipping Zombie Killer mead at Sugar Maple. The fact that Hotel Foster and the Love Handle have gotten cozy to offer a sweet sandwich delivery service while you drink. Not only did Andrew WK recently set the world record for drumming in a retail store, but will also be the opener for the upcoming Black Sabbath tour. Having our gizzards rocked and faces melted by Ahab's Ghost. (Be sure to check out their latest EP!) Being drunk on donuts and petting reindeer at the farm. 

What's doing it for you this week, kittens?

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