Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love Handles Are Delish

The Clock Tower building is now home to a charming seedling sandwich shoppe, The Love Handle. 
I'm thrilled to see a casual lunch spot on the East Side that isn't a Subway-- which seem to pop up like weeds …onion-y smelling weeds with questionable washrooms. (I have a reoccurring nightmare that if I stand still too long, a Subway will be built on top of me.)

We enjoyed a relaxing lunch in the cozy tangerine dining room. The menu is compact, but offers plenty of flavorful little joys: pickled goodies, herbed cremes, truffeled this-is-and-that's and crusty bread.

On gray fifty-degree days in JUNE, what else does one do but self medicate with pork?

I ordered the “Love Handle”: an impressive hot press sammy full of salty, crispy, juicy porchetta and cactus pickles.

This is beautiful nap-inducing food-baby producing lunch--
a perfect cure for the Where-The-Fuck-Is-Summer blues.

Where have you been noshing?


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