Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brunch Level: Ninja

I'm a little embarrassed it took me this long to get to Simple Cafe, considering I can throw a rock at it from my yard.

Especially embarrassing due to my obsession with brunch.

"Brunching" is a verb at our house. I don't play sports, but if I did, I'd be on a Brunch Team.

By the looks of the understated sign and only strolling by in the evening when the lights were dimmed, I assumed it was a small sleepy breakfast spot. I was surprised to find that it housed a gigantic and boisterous dining room.

Despite the enormous packed dining room, our service kicked ass and we were still able to enjoy "inside voice" conversation at our cozy boothette for two.

The menu offers both breakfast and lunch standards and a selection of refreshing choices for Ninja Level Brunchers, like this Korean BBQ Breakfast bowl.

Confession: I am a kimchi snob.

I learned how to make it with the guidance of a sweet and hilarious Korean woman who is no longer with us.

It's often too sweet, with no bite and unpleasant texture...

This breakfast rocked my snob bobby socks off.
Spicy, tender, crispy, and gooey.

And the kimchi was KILLER.

Bonus: You absolutely get your dollar signs worth with respectable human sized portions. I'd also highly recommend Simple Cafe if you plan to dine with a group.

Where are you Brunching, kittens?

Yours Truly,

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