Monday, June 10, 2013

Behind Pride: All Access Pass

Pride Fest.

Being what you are as hard as you can.

The Twerking Capital of the Universe.

This was my first adventure to Miwaukee's Pride Fest and I had the opportunity to view it with an All Access Pass. Working the grounds, I met some of Milwaukee's icons, fashionistas, leather daddies, and friendly faces.

The highlight of the fest was my exclusive behind-the-scenes experience assisting the B.J. Daniels Drag Review. Watching the Midwest's Best drag artists prepare and blow the minds of 1,500 screaming attendees was a strange and AWESOME trip.

Pounds of sequins, sky-high stilettos, parades of feathers, LED capes, foam boobies, a tsunami of wigs--wig after wig after wig...

Suitcases exploding with sparkling shoes, makeup caddies larger than some of  some apartments I've lived in and enough palpable attitude to kill most bacteria.

Now add a bazillion watts of light, an atomic bombs worth of sound and a firework finale.

Let's do it again next year, Pride.

Yours Truly,

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