Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beach Party: It's the Law

Milwaukee summers are so short that every hot day is a treated like a national holiday.

"ALRIGHT PEOPLE, it's warm out. The Mayor has declared mandatory Shirtless grill outs for breakfast, lunch and DINNER."

And while the brevity of the season can be a bit of a bummer-- I enjoy the ecstatic effort to squeeze every little alfresco drop out of each afternoon.

 Monday happened to be a glorious June day, the sisters first official day of summer vacation and National Picnic Day. How serendipitous!

We packed up treats and our sweets and made our way to the beach.

My EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE beach bum ensemble: Swishy cotton dress by Goodwill. Rose colored shades resale by Fashion Farmboy. Handmade Shrinky-dink feather earrings  by a cat I met in New Orleans. Vintage quilt & bamboo bag by Skallywag Fashions. Straw fedora compliments of my grandpa. Bare Hippie Feet by Me. 

  I can't imagine life without the lake.

 Every city I've visited that isn't built near or on a body of water leaves me disoriented. "Where are we? What do people do here?!"

She is the centerpiece of our festivities, master of ceremonies, a constant source of energy-- a majestic mood ring for the city.

I like to think about the sailboats bobbing on top of it, the wrecks below it, the slippery things living in it and who might be barefoot other side of it.

How are you summer adventures shaping up, puddings?

Wishing you sunny half naps, bubbles, gulls and dirty dogs. BEACH FOREVER.

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  1. I slept in on Monday, so I missed it. Next summer will be great, though.