Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stuff I Love Sunday: Donut Drunk

Nuggets from this week in Paradise:

Catching this rainbow by mistake. The piano keys at Cathedral Square. Fireworks with friends before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs blew our brains out. Yellow moon reflected in the lagoon. Sipping Zombie Killer mead at Sugar Maple. The fact that Hotel Foster and the Love Handle have gotten cozy to offer a sweet sandwich delivery service while you drink. Not only did Andrew WK recently set the world record for drumming in a retail store, but will also be the opener for the upcoming Black Sabbath tour. Having our gizzards rocked and faces melted by Ahab's Ghost. (Be sure to check out their latest EP!) Being drunk on donuts and petting reindeer at the farm. 

What's doing it for you this week, kittens?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Street Art: Twiggy VS Dr. Octopus

I wanted to share a few favorite painterly moments from my wanderings this week:

 Wishing you Paint and Sticky Kisses,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stuff I Love Sunday: Lobster Hat

This week in Paradise: Spending the solstice gardening with friends and drinking fizzy wine outside. Thunderstorms on the first night of summer. This Song. Sharing a chocolate malt with this babe. Remembering how much I love The Craft and making it a mission to wear suspenders this week. This rainbow-rific installation by John Breed. Trolling Southshore Beach for rocks and bones. This extra fancy lobster hat.  Training for my first 5K and not bursting into flames.

What's doing it for you this week, muffins?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shoot: Rock and Roll Heaven

Tigernite has been pumping iron in the basement (aka Spider Island) in preparation of our stepping out extravaganza in July.  With the help of the sublime Sierra Riesberg, we had our very FIRST photo shoot as a band this week.

While bystanders gave us the stink eye and I did my best to appear as nonchalantly hard-ass as possible in a glitter bra, it occurred to me that at this point in my life, I've been in bands longer than I haven't.

14 years to be exact

Jazz combos, punk rock outfits, doom metal, prog and most recently a hybrid I like to think of as "Glunk". 

As I suspect most musicians do, I often get the question: "You're in a band, huh? What's that like?"
Sometimes the question is genuine, often snide, and in most cases it's a healthy mix of both...

I think being in a rock band is as close as I'll ever be to a happy marriage.

 It's really difficult. And completely awesome. It's especially special when you get with the right humans who have the same Aurel love affair and laser beam of focus that you do.

It's like making a drawing: considering, experimenting, adding and erasing.
You draw the same image again and again for weeks, months, sometimes years until it's ready for human consumption.

Now tie your hand to the hands of three other people and draw that image together.
Every time.
In front of drunk people.

When it works, it's a gorgeous exciting thing. Inevitably, there is always the snot who chimes in with something brilliant like, "What's the point? You'll never be famous."

You're right. We probably won't.

But maybe we will.

Do you stop going for your morning run because you'll never be an Olympian? Or forget about cooking food for friends because you will never have a line of Teflon pans with your face on it?

No. Because we know that would be stupid.
We do the things we love because it make us whole humans. Better humans, even.

And getting together with special people to line up chords and drum sounds, and occasionally showing the results to other party people makes me feel like I made the right choice that day.

I don't have to die to be get to Rock and Roll Heaven.

It's in my basement.



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beach Party: It's the Law

Milwaukee summers are so short that every hot day is a treated like a national holiday.

"ALRIGHT PEOPLE, it's warm out. The Mayor has declared mandatory Shirtless grill outs for breakfast, lunch and DINNER."

And while the brevity of the season can be a bit of a bummer-- I enjoy the ecstatic effort to squeeze every little alfresco drop out of each afternoon.

 Monday happened to be a glorious June day, the sisters first official day of summer vacation and National Picnic Day. How serendipitous!

We packed up treats and our sweets and made our way to the beach.

My EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE beach bum ensemble: Swishy cotton dress by Goodwill. Rose colored shades resale by Fashion Farmboy. Handmade Shrinky-dink feather earrings  by a cat I met in New Orleans. Vintage quilt & bamboo bag by Skallywag Fashions. Straw fedora compliments of my grandpa. Bare Hippie Feet by Me. 

  I can't imagine life without the lake.

 Every city I've visited that isn't built near or on a body of water leaves me disoriented. "Where are we? What do people do here?!"

She is the centerpiece of our festivities, master of ceremonies, a constant source of energy-- a majestic mood ring for the city.

I like to think about the sailboats bobbing on top of it, the wrecks below it, the slippery things living in it and who might be barefoot other side of it.

How are you summer adventures shaping up, puddings?

Wishing you sunny half naps, bubbles, gulls and dirty dogs. BEACH FOREVER.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stuff I Love Sunday: Two Faced Kitten

This two faced kitten. (Though you didn't last long little guy, you were amazing!) Sidewalk chalk oracles. Chocolate soft serve frozen yogurt with Fruity Pebbles with my blogger babe sis. (Do it.) Getting a nice little write up in the Shepherd Express-- cool surprise! Thai iced coffee at Elephant Cafe. Finally seeing the Lemmy documentary. I always suspected I was suffering from Motorhead deficiency. Inspiring Japanese street fashion snaps. This mysterious and beautiful art-haus promo video for the new Neko Case record. I can't wait!

What's doing it for you this week, muffins?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brunch Level: Ninja

I'm a little embarrassed it took me this long to get to Simple Cafe, considering I can throw a rock at it from my yard.

Especially embarrassing due to my obsession with brunch.

"Brunching" is a verb at our house. I don't play sports, but if I did, I'd be on a Brunch Team.

By the looks of the understated sign and only strolling by in the evening when the lights were dimmed, I assumed it was a small sleepy breakfast spot. I was surprised to find that it housed a gigantic and boisterous dining room.

Despite the enormous packed dining room, our service kicked ass and we were still able to enjoy "inside voice" conversation at our cozy boothette for two.

The menu offers both breakfast and lunch standards and a selection of refreshing choices for Ninja Level Brunchers, like this Korean BBQ Breakfast bowl.

Confession: I am a kimchi snob.

I learned how to make it with the guidance of a sweet and hilarious Korean woman who is no longer with us.

It's often too sweet, with no bite and unpleasant texture...

This breakfast rocked my snob bobby socks off.
Spicy, tender, crispy, and gooey.

And the kimchi was KILLER.

Bonus: You absolutely get your dollar signs worth with respectable human sized portions. I'd also highly recommend Simple Cafe if you plan to dine with a group.

Where are you Brunching, kittens?

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Festival Photo Diary

The Riverwest neighborhood was my first paramour with the city.

As a teenager, it romanced me out of the sticks and into its active show scene, coffee holes and thoughtful bathroom graffiti.

Riverwest means different things to me now--no longer just a hide out, but a diverse and rapidly evolving creative creature. With its tasty smells, real humans playing real rock and roll and award winning People Watching, the Locust Street Days festival was a fond reminder of why I fell hard for the neighborhood in the first place.

 Do you have a favorite street festival you are looking forward to?

Yours Truly,

Monday, June 10, 2013

Behind Pride: All Access Pass

Pride Fest.

Being what you are as hard as you can.

The Twerking Capital of the Universe.

This was my first adventure to Miwaukee's Pride Fest and I had the opportunity to view it with an All Access Pass. Working the grounds, I met some of Milwaukee's icons, fashionistas, leather daddies, and friendly faces.

The highlight of the fest was my exclusive behind-the-scenes experience assisting the B.J. Daniels Drag Review. Watching the Midwest's Best drag artists prepare and blow the minds of 1,500 screaming attendees was a strange and AWESOME trip.

Pounds of sequins, sky-high stilettos, parades of feathers, LED capes, foam boobies, a tsunami of wigs--wig after wig after wig...

Suitcases exploding with sparkling shoes, makeup caddies larger than some of  some apartments I've lived in and enough palpable attitude to kill most bacteria.

Now add a bazillion watts of light, an atomic bombs worth of sound and a firework finale.

Let's do it again next year, Pride.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stuff I Love Sunday

This Comet Cafe minty cupcake. Kids singing to themselves in the lobby at work.  This Video is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Bridal wreath blooming all over the city. The silly coat that came in the mail that I CAN'T WAIT to wear. Our EP release show is scheduled at one of my favorite venues. Late night cake and cocktails with the fam. Backstage access to the B.J. Daniels Drag Review (Full coverage of that madness coming soon!) Festival season street shots.

How was your week kittens? What's totally doing it for you right now?

Yours Truly,

Saturday, June 8, 2013

rEvolution Opening at Greymatter

It's a sweetly surreal moment when you get that THING you've been daydreaming about since you were a pouty teenager with a terrible self inflicted hair cut.

Friday was that moment:  rEvolution had its opening reception with an awesome show of support at Greymatter.
I've participated in a fist full of group shows but never had the opportunity to go solo.
Needless to say, I was THRILLED when one of my favorite galleries in the city offered to host my work. 

One Big Glittery Check-eroo off the To-Do-In-Life List!

Greymatter is an artist-owned space nestled into the Marshall Building in Milwaukee's Third Ward. Co-owners, Rachel Quirk and Zina Namssum present a wide variety of compelling and immaculately installed exhibitions. (All while continuing to make their own amazing work.)

So what's the show about? Mutants, a new face for feminism, magazine clippings,
your heroines, arson, cat people, animals of invention, improvisation, a confusing future, glitter...

and squids.

A huge sloppy kiss to everyone who came out to support the show.
It was a perfect evening!

rEvolution runs through July13th.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love Handles Are Delish

The Clock Tower building is now home to a charming seedling sandwich shoppe, The Love Handle. 
I'm thrilled to see a casual lunch spot on the East Side that isn't a Subway-- which seem to pop up like weeds …onion-y smelling weeds with questionable washrooms. (I have a reoccurring nightmare that if I stand still too long, a Subway will be built on top of me.)

We enjoyed a relaxing lunch in the cozy tangerine dining room. The menu is compact, but offers plenty of flavorful little joys: pickled goodies, herbed cremes, truffeled this-is-and-that's and crusty bread.

On gray fifty-degree days in JUNE, what else does one do but self medicate with pork?

I ordered the “Love Handle”: an impressive hot press sammy full of salty, crispy, juicy porchetta and cactus pickles.

This is beautiful nap-inducing food-baby producing lunch--
a perfect cure for the Where-The-Fuck-Is-Summer blues.

Where have you been noshing?


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doggy Style: So Wrong It's Right

Dearest Hotdog,

At the end of a long week of dressingless greens,
sensible caffiene intake and no breakfast cereals...

It is you, and only you that I long for.

I daydream of your soft warm bun in my greasy fingers. 

I slink away into the street, seeking out your Temple of  Delicious Tube Meat--

smothering my appetite with your atomic cheese-like substance and slimy peppers:

Hot Peppers.

We meet at the same place and time every week... 

And we do it right there in the window for the whole street to see.

The scandal. Our dirty chili secret exposed.
There is so little love in this life, and I want the world to know.

We do this dance again and again, and still--
I crave you.

Until we meet again.

Forever yours,

Hotdog appears courtesy of Dog Haus on Brady Street.
Listen this this while you scarf it for an extra sexy doggy.