Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stuff For Your Face: The Noble

If you consult travel guide sites in regards to what to eat in Milwaukee, one would be lead to assume we exists in Perpetual Oktoberfest.

To be honest, I have never--not once ever-- ordered a sausage at a restaurant. Nor have I ever eaten a wedge of cheese or put on my best cat suit to see an Oom Pah band. (Really, this is what guide books say.)

It's exciting to see an up cropping of creative places to feed your mouth and one of my personal favorites that I often recommend to friends and visitors is The Noble.

 (Disclaimer: this is not a Columbus Blog. I don't claim to have discovered anything. I write about what I love in hopes that you'll love it too... And I LOVE this restaurant!)

The Noble is a snug tchotchke filled cubby, comfortable for a small get together or treating yourself to your own company. The perfect amount of candle light, DIY decorating approach and excellent mix of music makes you feel wrapped up by your favorite blanket-- if your favorite blanket served food like a BOSS.

At first glance the menu appears modest (and adorable), but when your knowledgeable server regales you with an impressive list of specials you'll need to call a team meeting to see whose going to order what to ensure everyone gets a bite. Entrees include a flavorgasm vegetarian dish, fresh catch of the day, a “middle of the road” causal fair option and choice desserts like poached pears ala mode or house flourless chocolate cake.

We haven't even talked about cocktails yet...

The Noble has created a treasure trove of seasonal craft cocktails dressed with house-made garnishes. (I could make a meal out of the delectable pickled pearl onions. Don't judge me.)

If that's not enough: THEY DO MONDAY BRUNCH, PEOPLE.

Check them out!

Where is your favorite place to snuggle up and stuff your face?

Yours Truly,

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