Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sign Painters Premier!

We just returned from the long anticipated Sign Painters Milwaukee Premier.

It was worth the four year wait.

Sign Painters cues you in to an art form in plain site that you never knew existed-- like the intricate ant colony you step over each morning on the way to work: fascinating, perfectly balanced and just fine without you...

Here all along and seldom recognized.

People make signs.
Real humans. With real brushes.
With years and years of practice.

Can you imagine painting a fifteen foot tall Butter Burger?
How about painting a fifteen foot tall Butter Burger in the rain?

The film takes you across America, in and out of pick up trucks, the guts of shops, modest studios and dangling off the precipice of sky scrapers to reveal a timeless craft and it's dedicated disciples. While discussing the finer points of design, the history of the trade, the public's disillusionment and possible future, the subjects gingerly and methodically execute paint miracles with bits of squirrel hair and gold leaf.

Perhaps the most poignant parts of the film are simply listening to these masters wax poetically about their love of letters and their ability to change the landscape for the better with a can of One Shot.

We stepped out of the screening and into the street with a refreshed view--a telescopic vision of our neighborhood now lovingly tattooed with art and practiced patience.

See this film and you will never see your city the same way again.

Check out the trailer, screening schedule and DVD releases here.

Yours Truly,

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