Monday, May 27, 2013

No Wake: River Holiday

"It's boat day!"

As a non-car-owning- professional-pedestrian  I've memorized the architecture by hoofing the bridges and sidewalks. However, I was recently treated to a new view by generous friends on a pleasure cruise down the river.

We floated down the rolling water road on a quieter side of the streets: balconies crowded with flowers and nodding sailboats tethered to restaurant docks.

There are two rules to the river: 1) 5 mph with no wake. 2) Wave at everyone you see.

Rule Number 2 is my new favorite rule.

After a lazy troll through the Third ward we headed out to open water. I haven't been out on the Lake since I was a wee dreamsicle. Cozied up with a gin and tonic and handsome company is the way to skip around on the bay. We cruised past the Dennis Sulivan with octopus kites wafting over Veterans Park.

A perfect way to spend the holiday.
How did you enjoy the long weekend?

Yours Truly,

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