Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love Letters for MKE

Milwaukee is brimming with good things. And good things are better when shared.

hot dogs. rock shows. party hats. haunted bars.

Snuggled up to the shore of Lake Michigan we can sulk in the shame of being Chicago's sloppy kid sister...

Or we can exude pride for our ripe piece of Midwestern real estate PRIMED for making meaningful (and fun) contributions to urbanity.  Slay the self loathing. Celebrate our specificity!

Cream City Dreamsicle will explore the scrumptious bits, secret spaces, street style and creative happenings in our fair Milwaukee. She belongs to all of us. This blog is the beginning of an evolving bank of love letters for my City and the creatures in it.

Let's have an affair.

Forever Yours,


  1. I love your writing Molly and your use of alliterations..."scrumptious bits, secret spaces, street style". Your theme is a great idea for a blog and the first such blog I come across. You've got flair!

  2. Fellow Kickin' It Old Schooler here, and suddenly finding myself sorry I'm only now finding you amidst the crowd! Awesome writing + we're pretty close in proximity as I'm in the Chicago area. Love the descriptor of Milwaukee as Chicago sloppy kid sister. But that gives you the freedom to be awesome without the pressure of the Chicago rat-race-i-ness!