Thursday, January 11, 2018

Art Magick with The Elements Book + Video Suite

Over 150 ideas, experiments, instructables and prompts for creating your own Art Magick with the Elements. 

It's time to get messy.
It's time to get Magickal.
It's time to crack open your creative potential. 

Magick is hiding in plain sight all around us...

Art magick is all about being able to taste, to feel, to smell, to listen-- to squish it with your hands and stain your fingers, to roll it around on your tongue, to revel in, to decode, to recode to ExPLOdE, to EXPAND and experiment,

  to peek in, to blow off the rules-- 
To ensorcel and transform the entire experience of Making--

To transform You

"Earth, Air, Fire and Water are imbued with unique characteristics, personalities, magical capabilities, signatures, wisdom and are intimately connected with dimensions of the psyche. They not only teach us about the living world around us, but the world living within us.  We can engage with these forces through experiences in nature, meditation and other magickal means.

This book will suggest ideas for communion through Art Magick." 

 -- Art Magick with The Elements

What Will I Learn?

How to Expand your magical practice with Art and commune with the enchanted world around you.

 Explore art magick as a soulful form of creative spell craft

 Delve into the poetic + physical properties of the four elements

 Investigate symbolic and process oriented art experiments

 Learn to create your own magically infused materials with instructions + recipes

Draw inspiration from folklore of the past to create the art of your future  

Brainstorm techniques and prompts to fill your grimoire


Inside Art Magick with The Elements you'll find:

  • A richly illustrated 33 page e-grimoire packed with doodles + instructions for crafts pertaining to each of the four elements
  • 4 enchanted grimoire prompt videos to deepen our discussion of each element. (Access the videos by following the link on the first page of the book.)

Are you ready to explore your world 
with Art Magick, Moon Baby?

I'll meet you in the book, Moon Baby...
Witch On, Witch Boldly! 


Friday, December 22, 2017

12 Ghosts of Yule Round Up

On the twelve nights leading up to the winter solstice, we were visited by twelve ghosts of Yule.
We drew, wrote, painted, discussed, photographed, collaged, bullet journaled, sang, meditated and baked our way through each spirit...

THANK YOU to all of you creative souls who participated.  Be sure to check out #12ghostsofyule on instagram to see all of the beautiful contributions to this challenge!

Wishing you Winter Magick, XOXO

Sunday, November 5, 2017

3 Simple Spreads for Witchy Wellness

Our month long meditation on Witchy Wellness wouldn't be complete without dabbling in bit of divination. 

The beauty of using cards, stones or runes 
is they open us up to possibilities and 
access useful information that is already inside of us

These simple spreads can be used with tarot cards, oracle cards, stones, or runes and tailored to suit our individual Wellness experimentation and work, Moon Baby.

3 Card Booster

1) How do I feel right now?
2) What could be blocking my sense of wellness?
3) What can I do to enhance my wellness?

Pentacle of Wellness

Inspired by this awesome talk by Selena Fox, The Pentacle of Wellness uses the elements to give us a general overview of five dimensions of our life.

1) Earth: What's going on with my physical body?
2) Air: What is going on in the mental realm?
3) Fire: What's going on with my motivation and Will?
4) Water: What's going on for me emotionally?
5) Spirit: What is going on spiritually, with my higher self or in my soul?

Chakra Spread or Body Map

You can customize this spread to work with the chakra system or as a map of the body, depending on your practice and personal preference.

1) Root Chakra (Stability + Security) or Feet + Bones
2) Sacral Chakra (Creativity + Sexuality) or Legs + Pelvis
3) Solar Plexus Chakra (Personal Power + Choice) or Gut + Digestion 
4) Heart Chakra (Love + Emotional Well being) or Heart, Lungs + Circulatory System
5) Throat Chakra (Truth + Communication) or Throat + Mouth
6) Third Eye Chakra (Intuition + Knowing) or Eyes + Ears
7) Crown Chakra ( Spiritual Connection + Inspiration) Hair, Skin, Head

What kinds of spreads or check in tools do you use to appreciate and increase your wellness, Moon Babies?

Witch On, Witch Boldly--
and Be Well! 

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

You are Gifted, Witch.

I used to believe I was a shit witch because I couldn't see ghosts. 

I couldn't hear voices.
I didn't get chills walking into a room.
Goddesses didn't text me.
I couldn't fix all of my problems with the right configuration of roots and feet.
My dreams did not accurately predict the future or unveil mysterious truths.
I didn't have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Occult.
I didn't start studying ceremonial magicks at age three.
I had no aptitude for scrying.
Unlike the other healers I knew, I never had the right comforting words for the right time.
Hell, even dead people wouldn't talk to me.

They still don't.
Sometimes I wish they would.

I have no talent for this.
An utterly useless witch. 

I draw comics, color in books and wear my underwear on the outside while I sing songs about pizza parties.

I'm not gifted.

And then,
Then I started looking at the wide variety of healing the world really requires...
All of the ways it needs us.

Maybe you're like me.
Maybe you're not a famous medium or a high renaissance magician.

Maybe you're an excellent organizer of people.
Maybe you have a talent for reading aloud to kids
Maybe you are a donate-er of blood.
Maybe you are a maker and sharer of food.
Maybe you are an excellent listener.
Maybe you are an expert space holder.
Maybe you are observant and honest.
Maybe you are a caregiver of animals.
Maybe you are a rogue scholar.
Maybe you are a Connector and web maker.
Maybe you are skilled nest builder.
Maybe you beautify spaces.
Maybe you are a crackerjack crisis manager
Maybe you are generous and rare.
Maybe you have skills in the garden and the longevity of house plants.
Maybe you are emotionally intelligent.
Maybe you are a peer mediator.
Maybe you are a champion bedazzler.
Maybe you are an uplifting presence.
Maybe you are an inventor of culture.
Maybe you are savvy on the phone and in email.
Maybe you are persuasive and informed.
Maybe you have a flair for paying it forward.
Maybe you have the ability to alleviate alienation.
Maybe you are at ease with the ill and the elderly.
Maybe you are really good at showing people you love them.
Maybe you can speak more than one language.
Maybe you can make people happy cry with your words.
Maybe you have a bond with the land.
Maybe you are an upcycling genius.
Maybe  you are a finger painter.
Maybe you are a singer of ridiculous songs.
Maybe you have an uncommon imagination.
Maybe you are a bestower of opportunities.
Maybe you are a wise wielder of money.
Maybe you are detail oriented.
Maybe you are a person others can relax with.
Maybe you are a slinger of Joy.
Maybe you have the patience to work with children.
Maybe you are a taker of pictures.
Maybe you are a luminary of pleasure.
Maybe you help people see and experience what they can't see in themselves.
Maybe you are a keeper of bees.
Maybe you are a teller of Truths.
Maybe you Show Up when others can't or won't.

Maybe you are gifted, Witch. 

Witch on, Witch Boldly.

Write your gift in the comments, Moon Babies.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Despair is The Undoing of The Witch: The Priest/ess Archetype + Social Justice

I am a white, 30 year-old, cishet female pagan living in the Midwest of the USA.

I took to my altar to contemplate the news-- horrifying news-- and the news of the last two years tumbled in all at once.

"Think. Goddess, this is fucked. Everything is fucked. You need to think. Get focused. Fuck, we are a garbage species. It's too late. It's too big. Shut up brain, Think--"  And then:

"Despair is the Undoing of the Witch."

"You're right."

But, what can do I as one witch? I shuffled my cards.

I pulled the High Priest/ess from the deck. 

Priest/ess. I've been stirring and kneading this idea for several years now. Priest/ess. What does that mean? What does it mean now?  How could I embody that? Can I embody that? 

 In the tarot, we know the Priest/ess as Introspection, Remembering, Intuition, Solitude, Inner Wisdom, Diving within, Wider Vision, Initiation and Seeking Truth.

In the mundane world, the Priest/ess archetype appears in a myriad of ways, but the definition that rings most brightly for me is "A priest/ess is dedicated to their god/dess and their community." 

The Priest/ess is a leader.

"I'm listening." 

The following ideas came to me at my altar about utilizing the Priest/ess archetype for social justice work, my own personal growth and moving forward. 

Due to the influx of mail I've received about how witches and magically minded people could possibly make any difference or positively contribute in a chaotic world, I've decided to share them with you here on the blog. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is my hope that it will encourage further discussion, meditation and Inspired Action as a community.

Thoughts from The High Priestess

 Refuse Spiritual Bypassing as a coping mechanism. If your partner or your best friend were diagnosed with a serious illness, would you advise them to ignore it and refuse to seek treatment to make it disappear? Or deny their illness all together and abandon them because it's distressing? Probably not.

When we bypass, we diminish the seriousness of an issue and we diminish the humanity of those in pain. Feel feelings, process them and be here Now.

Anger is not "unspiritual". Willful ignorance, ambivalence and relinquishing your power is. 

 Our friends and family are not exempt from Truth. If hateful speech (both explicit and covert) crosses our path, we have to destroy it. It's much easier to denounce behavior in anonymity or in cyberspace than in our personal spheres-- which is where the real work is and where the most impact is made. 

 Accept that we will likely lose people because of it. Sometimes we will feel alone.

 Listen. Really Listen. Allow people to speak without the need to interrupt, interject, correct, smooth over, comfort or make comparisons. As people who desire to help and feel deeply it can be difficult, but it's imperative that we hold space by actually holding space.

 Make friends with Discomfort. Much of our spiritual practices revolve around maintaining comfort. And why not? It's fucking brutal out there, of course we need a touchstone for healing and sanity. While this is an important tool in the healers utility belt, spiritual growth and development as humans stems from our ability to face challenges and that means discomfort. We will survive it.

 Remember that we cultivate practices not as empty theater or escapism but to carry us through and process our world. 

Throw out garbage myths about money. Reevaluate our relationship with money. Money is energy. When applied properly, money can change lives and uplift communities.

 Learn about the important differences between being an ally and an Accomplice. 
Unplugging is not uncaring.  This is a marathon, not a sprint. This is the long haul and our mental health and stamina requires breaks for silence and restorative solitude. Taking time to unplug from social media one-ups-manship, meme wars and youtube comments is not equivalent to abandoning your cause or community.

We minister to our minds and bodies to stay strong, recharge and get back in the game.

Know Thyself. Dive headfirst into our own Shadows and uncover how we may contribute to harm or injustice. By understanding this, we can do a little better every day.

"I did then what I knew how to do. 
Now that I know better, I do better." 
--Maya Angelou 

We're all in this together.
Witch On. Witch Boldly.


Monday, July 10, 2017

'Honor Me with Beauty'

Honor me with Beauty.
Honor me with good deeds done in secret,
     with knowing that you don't know

Honor me with obsession,
Honor me with passionate perseverance,
     with kindness when kindness feels like a paper cut

Honor me with Indulgence
Honor me at the altar of curiosity,
     with your keen appreciation

Honor me with Shamelessness.
Honor me with the lapping of your blood,
     with passing paper airplanes to your animal imagination

Honor me with Absurdity.
Honor me with awkward balance,
      with your paramour, the Void

Honor me with Uncertainty.
Honor me with ferocious possibility,
      with your pulpy perishable skin and favorite singer.

Honor me with invocation.
Honor me with the sound of your story,
     with your smoking tongue and most prized collection.

Honor me with Generosity.
Honor me with petals and sticks,
     arranged like a skeleton behind your old house.

Honor me with the relentless pursuit of Beauty
     for the sake of Beauty,
          with the map of the night we dreamt.

M. Roberts 2017

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Beauty Revelations Spread

In honor of 28 Days of Beauty, I wanted to start by sharing a simple card spread to help us gain insight into our Beauty mission. This spread works with tarot and oracle cards alike! If you don't have cards, the queries can be easily translated into journal prompts.

[Card 1] 
How am I experiencing beauty in my life right now?
What is my current relationship with Beauty?

[Card 2] 
How am I blocked to experiencing and appreciating beauty?
In what ways am I or (what is causing me to be) constricted, bypassing or missing it?

[Card 3] 
How can I bring more beauty into my experience right now?
Which area of my life can be infused with all forms of beauty: aesthetic, spiritual, trans-personal?

[Card 4] 
Ways I can expand and bring beauty to the benefit of those around me: partners, home, family,friendships, school, work, community, online community or neighborhood? What could that look like?

[Card 5]
In reference to Card 4, by expanding this way-- how is my own essential beauty Revealed?

I would love to know what you discover!
Walk in Beauty, Moon Babies.

Witch On, Witch Boldly.