Friday, April 7, 2017

Alchemizing Envy: Salt The Slug + Get Your Magick Back

You know it. I know it.

When you're having the most fantastic, ultra meaningful, extra connected, uber synchronistic dance with a Universe that wants nothing but to blow out all of your birthday candles and send you affirmation chanting butterflies. You are so manifesting your desires, so in the flow, so boss witching and so doing you and suddenly--

Suddenly you are shanked in the ribs with an ugly guerilla stab of jealousy.

The hot prickly static rises behind your eyes and the wriggling, burning, oily slugs of Envy start somersaulting in your guts.

Their shop is expanding
Their work is getting attention 
They are in the throes of a blossoming relationship
Their piece was published
They received the scholarship
...Another album of travel photos
They nailed the interview
They have more friends, subscribers, likes, comments, contacts, chinchillas...

Fuuuuuuuuuq. (Chanting butterflies exit stage left.)

It's not surprising. We are trained to participate in an endless game of one ups-manship and toxic comparison. We spend leisure time in a voyeuristic wonderland of Competition, sizing up everyone we know, don't know and think we know.

Jealousy and envy are normal and natural reactions. However, sitting in our own green-eyed stew is not only unhealthy and disempowering--it's probably definitely smothering your magick.

While it can masquerade as righteous anger or constructive criticism, Jealousy only further distances us from the life we Love. It numbs us and pulls us away from creative processes and generally kicking ass.

So how do we get out of the swamp? As magical thinkers, How do we alchemize jealousy into an elixir that feeds us?

 Magical folks know that thoughts become Things. The more often we pour energy into something, the harder we work at making it into SOMETHING. If we continuously suckle the Envy Slug with our insecurity, hurt, self pity, rage, and frustrations it will grow until it is so grotesquely huge and slippery that we lose control of it. It becomes a THING that controls US. Ick.

The first defense against the Envy Slug is not to feed it. Refuse to hemorrhage your life and siphon that energy into what you want to happen. Salt that Slug. We can use that twinge we feel as a sign that it's time to distill our energy into Feeding what what we really Want.

Jon Mayer and His Slug

Magical folks know that Nothing is ever as it seems. Nothing. Ever. We never know the whole tale. There is always another layer. What appears to be easy, sudden or a stroke of dumb Luck on the surface was most likely a long simmering result of work, hustle, a string of failures, tough decisions and potential sacrifice.

It is tempting to assume that cosmic assistance is out there delivering others to their dreams while leaving us on the corner to wait for a bus that's always late.

Story time...

I had a love-hate (mostly childish internalized misogynistic hate) relationship with another woman in my industry. On the surface, I thought her work was phenomenal and enjoyed her as a person. But in the shadow, I envied the shit out of her success, felt the credit given to her was deeply unfair, that she had access to resources that I didn't, that she was light years ahead of me and there was little hope of catching up. 

It was a lose-lose situation: I felt like a sore loser because her success haunted me as my failure in tandem with deep shame for knowing my girl hate was showing. It killed my confidence, poisoned the well of my enthusiasm, made me say remorseful things in private, filled me with self loathing and was zapping my life force in a HUGE way.  

The Slug had me in a wicked head lock. 

One day we met casually outside of our normal territory. To my surprise, it came out in conversation that she was experiencing many of the same roadblocks that I was--and then asked me for advice.

Wait. What? You're joking. You're out of my league, light years away, AN ALIEN QUEEN ON ANOTHER FREAKIN PLANET. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! 
*gnashing of teeth*

The terrain was utterly different than I ever imagined.

It was a huge shift. I was thoroughly convinced that this woman stood for everything that burned me and in a split second it was crystal clear that this self inflicted despair and helplessness had nothing to do with her and everything to do with my lack of confidence and Trust in my own journey.

We can neutralize envy with Confidence. When we bring confidence and trust into the mix, envy transmutes to become its hotter sibling, Admiration

Epilogue: We are real friends now. I'm out of shame prison. 
The field is leveled. I have my power back AND I'm up a comrade. 


Magical folks know that this Universe is Abundant. For Real. If we really believe the Universe is Infinitely Abundant (like we say we do) we know there is more than enough for everyone.  We know that Success not a cake: If someone has a slice, it doesn't mean there is less for us.

Next time we see or hear something that tugs at our guts and takes a sucker punch at our self worth, counteract with a little spell, a memo for the Cosmic Enchilada,  

"I'll take some of that, please" or  
"I'll have what he's having, please and thank you"

Magical folks know the power of Polarity. Hermetic philosophy tells us about this hipness Polarity--the idea that everything in the Universe is dual and has two extremes, that all opposites are merely a matter of degree (ex: hot/cold, love/hate). Everything is a spectrum, a sliding scale.

 If we want to stir up our circumstances and break out of the soul suckage and stagnation of jealousy, we can use polarity to push hard in the opposite direction towards support.

Genuinely compliment that person. Ask them for advice. 
Let them know you are thinking of them. Congratulate them. Extend an invite. 
Close your eyes and send them a Well wish, even if it's hard. (It will be hard.) 

I know, I know--"Send them love bleeeeeeeeeeh" It sounds fluffy and annoying and unmagician-y until you try it and see how difficult it really is

Here's the thing: I find this more effective than blocking, unfollowing or cutting someone out of my life. While those actions might be a quick off switch for pain, they do nothing to change how I feel about myself or the target of my nastiness. Polarity works. Push that sliding scale, ride that spectrum and get to where you want to be.

And finally--

A Giant Squid: A Prime Example of Freaky Shit being Possible

Magical folks know all kinds of freaky shit is possible. Instead of shutting down, we can choose to be inspired by the actions of others because it is further proof that It Is Possible. If this person can do it--it can be done--and you can do it too. People being in their bliss is an Affirmation of all the woo we hold so dear!

 Magical folks have the ability to honor paradoxical, fantastic, abstract, unexplained glistening thoughts about all of the possibilities of this life--

Believing that you are enough and what you desire 
is possible for you, should be one of them, Moon Baby.

Witch On, Witch Boldly. XOXO

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dandelion Priestess Coloring Page

This month's coloring page was inspired by Joanna DeVoe's stirring interview with Joey Morris of Starry Eyed Supplies.  Special thanks to Joey for allowing me to use her visage!

"The Strongest and most mysterious weeds 
often have things to teach us."
-- F.T. McKinstry

Grow where you're planted, Moon Babies. XOXO

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Invocation of an Art Witch: To My Quarters

To the North--
To the Spirit of tar tacky pavement,
To the stenciled crumbling bunker,
To the creatures of slippery clay,
of dumpster & bakery,
vigilante sun flowers
and sidewalk chalk for days

I call to you, I honor you,
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the East--
To the Spirit of the jay-walking Muse,
To the dance-floor-fog-machine,
To the creature of yawning steeple bell that marks the time, 
the accidental rainbow,
my favorite pen (black, never blue)
and the blaring car window serenade

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the South--
To the Spirit of Naked blackened matches
To the Hopscotch of Electricity and genius of mosh pit
To the creatures of thirsty charcoal smudges,
these sparklers,
this hunger
and the tannery smoke stack
struck by lightning

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the West--
To the Spirit of haunted steaming sewer grate
To the ink flood & flow of paint blood
To the creatures of the lapping dead,
polished beach glass,
bursting gutters,
Water color
and our tattoos

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?

Let's Play.

Witch On, Witch Boldly

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"I'm In The Flow" Mer Coloring Page

Let's celebrate the season of Pisces with lucid dreams,
Diving deep, 
lapping salty waves of  r e l e a s e, 
raindrops on eyelashes 
AND a mer inspired coloring page

(Click to enlarge the image.)

Be in your fLoW, Moon Babies. XOXO

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Can Magick Change The World? 20 Micro Magick Ideas

Can we really use magick to effect greater change in the world at large? Does lighting a seven day candle to
end world hunger or hexing a slimy celebrity do anything?

Regretfully, one can't say for certain. However, I can confidently attest that there is indeed a place and a need for magick in our life outside of ritual. 
The skills of the magickal practitioner have merit beyond of the coziness of our altars and comment threads. Witches and magicians are extremely useful to society as teachers, healers, illuminators, nourishers, space holders, inventors, oracles, innovators, improvisors, mentors and creators of all kinds.  

 If you're anything like me, sometimes THE WORLD can feel like a crushing slushy unforgivness that is much too much and certainly too damnably screwed for anything-- supernatural or otherwise-- to be of assistance. 

 That being said, some magickal methods may be more effective than others. We need to be specific.

My favorite method for 
world swirling is micro magick

a bite sized spell composed of equal parts magickal intention and grounded action that ripples and grows over time. Often the idea is to use the ritual act or symbol as an internal support mechanism for your external action. 

Combining our ethics, energy and action 
produces a powerful enchantment.

A Few Micro Magick Possibilities to get you Started...

1) Create a ritual dedicating yourself to continuing education.

2) Don't tell people what to do, show them what they can do.

3) Carry a charm as a reminder to be compassionate.

4) Dedicate + Bless your home as a sanctuary and open your doors.

5) Practice listening without needing to answer.

6) Embark on shadow work to investigate issues surrounding money so you can better use it as a tool for good.

7) Take any and every opportunity you can to build people up and mean it.

8) Dedicate yourself to radical self care as an act of self preservation.

9) Speak joyfully about your own body. (Ears are listening. Eyes are watching.)

10) Mark art and show it to people.

11) Support local artists, crafters, musicians, writers, actors, dancers and magicians.

12) Enchant yourself to speak your Truth.

13) Recharge in nature to bring your strongest, most powerful self back into the World.

14) Create a talisman to banish anxiety about meeting and talking to new humans.

15) Mentor young people. (It's easy. Just listen.)

16) Meditate (and teach others to meditate) to create the space for solutions and health to enter.

17) Start a book coven (club) on or offline to investigate and conversate about issues that matter to you.

18) Dedicate yourself to being guardian of a green space and do what a guardian does.

19) Cook up a brew for stress relief, restful sleep or good digestion and share it with friends. 

19) Follow through on your instinct to reach out to others when you think of them.

20) Set lights to remind yourself that you are also a bright burning empowered light.

What micro magicks will you weave in the world, Moon Baby?

Witch On. Witch Boldly. XOXO

Thursday, January 12, 2017

4 Ways We Muck Up Our Magick

"I tried. It didn't work. Do you have a spell for that?" 

I often hear from frustrated magickaly minded creatures who are displeased with their casting efforts and looking for feedback.They planned, they said all the words, they waved their arms around and lit all the right stuff on fire. They concentrated. They meant it. Nothing is happening. Why isn't it working?

It's not because you didn't do it right. It's not because it wasn't meant to be. You don't need a new script, lizard carcass or bigger crystal grid. (Okay, maybe a bigger crystal grid...)

In my experience, it has less to do with the right prop details or planetary alignment and more to do with getting out of our own way. 

Let's look at four common and easily cured causes of magickal clogs...

1) We sabotage our efforts with small talk.

I've personally tripped over this for years. In our culture (especially here in the Midwest) self deprecation in friendly conversation is the norm. Women in particular are socially trained to undercut and disqualify themselves in a discussion (ex: This is probably stupid, but...) before anyone else has the chance. In uneventful social situations we often revert to complaining because it's easy and whining is better than awkward silence, right? It's an ingrained behavior that is both subtle and deceivingly powerful.

Our words of power and toxic talk come from the same place. 
Experiment with the tone and topics of your speech and see what Shifts.

2) We ignore signs because they just aren't interesting.

The world is an enormous feedback machine. Magickal information is everywhere if you're paying attention. However, we often overlook the signs, symbols, sychronicity and dreams we've feverishly petitioned for because they just weren't exciting enough. Signs need not be of biblical proportions to be potent!

While flamboyant communications from the Universe make for exciting metaphysical fish stories, subtle signs are hidden in plain sight and are here to help.

3) We allow our peers to quietly poison our plans.

We all have that friend--the one who tries to protect us by finding hairline fractures in our ideas or valiantly plays devils advocate. Whether they try to bring you to earth because of a deep concern for your welfare or are secretly envious, it's all sabotage.

You don't have to hang out exclusively with wizards to have a healthy tribe or make magick. However, if your friends (magickal or otherwise) try to talk you out of the exciting weird plans you've made, it's probably best for the health of your magick to keep the scheme to yourself.

This is not to be confused with keep silent about all witchery. Some people thrive on sharing their plans as a form of accountability which can bring power and enthusiasm to a working. But if the sharing results in distraction, doubt and deflating your dream balloon, find a new friend to tell.

4) We care more about other people's business than 
our own wonderful bum. 

Let's say you're a hen, your life is your nest, your priorities (your magick, your working) are your beautiful eggs and your attention is the life giving warmth that radiates from your luxurious bum.

Every aspect of your life is an egg: your friends, money, housing, relationships, conflicts, work, health, conversations, media consumption, conquests, leisure, study, etc.

Every time we get wrapped up in unnecessary drama, putter for hours on social media, obsess about frenemies and estranged relatives, celebrity gossip or martyr activities we add more eggs to the nest while depriving the eggs that matter of your majestically nourishing creative-tush.

What kind of cosmic espresso jolt could we offer our magick if we gathered up all the energy we're sprinkling on other people's business and shot it at our own life?

Cuddle the eggs that matter. 
Mind your bum.
Make amazing change in your life.

Witch On, Witch Boldly, XOXO