Monday, January 14, 2019

4 Visualizations for More Wyrdness and Wellness

Visualizations are a wickedly versatile and potent tool to bring on the magick Every Damn Day. Let us count the ways...

  • They are FREE + require no supplies.
  • Ripe for customization. 
  • Ready to use anytime and anywhere for witching on the go.
  • Stretch + Strengthen our creative powers.
  • Make difficult or boring situations wyrd and interesting. 
  • It WORKS. 

Here are Four of my favorite Visualizations for more Wyrdness and Wellness to add to your expanding enchantment arsenal, Moon Baby:

For More Energy: 
Imagine every cell in your body waking up and taking a nice long s t r e t c h. Activate every last one by seeing it glowing like a firefly: Your skin, your hair, your toes, your teeth, your heart, the freckle on your back, your intestines, your tongue. See all 30 trillion cells twinkling with your favorite energizing colors; Alive, Alert, buzzing and happy to be a part of You. (Witch Tip: This is especially helpful when combined with your morning drink or while taking exercise.)

For Smooth Communication: 
When in public, at work or in any setting with other humans, imagine a luminous string connecting your heart to another human heart in the room--
Then see a string connecting their heart to another heart in the room. 
Keep connecting threads until a wild Spirograph-like web is linking everyone in the office, on the bus, in the store.

Everyone has an internal landscape as varied and complicated as our own. This image helps us remember we're part of the big sprawling cosmic enchilada and creates paths for tuned in and loving conversation.

For Getting a Grip & Grounding:
Put your hands together and imagine the underside of wherever you are: Is it full of roots? A maze of pipes? Dinosaur bones? A cellar? Rocks? A crystal cave? An underground lake? 
Then see your consciousness moving from your head, down through your body and settling into the underground space. As your mind sinks to the underside space, see if you can pull the “underground” feeling up into your body with your breath. 

This visual is particularly useful when we feel the grounding conditions aren't "optimal"; ie alone in an old growth forest, yoga on a mountain top...

For Confidence +  Ass Kicking: 
Imagine your heart is a neon sign-- vibrant, loud, crackling and buzzing beacon. What does your heart sign say? Make it awesome and absolute. Brighten your neon heart sign by inhaling deeply several times. See the neon magick being carried by your circulatory system throughout the body until you are full on Electric. 

What are your favorite visualization tricks and tools, Moon Baby?

Witch On,
Witch Boldly,
Be Well.

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Friday, December 14, 2018


Whether you're sporting shorts to celebrate summer or cuddling up with coco in anticipation of the winter solstice it's ALL about the Sun. (The word solstice is derived from the Latin phrase "sun standing still".)

We can party with solar energies for vitality, strength, will power, optimism, great health, levity, extra oomph and to maximize the power of PLAY.  Planetary magick is FUN and packs a punch. 

Experiment with using food, herbs, stones, scents, color magick or my personal favorite-- the playlist-- to invoke extra sunshine vibes.

Put on your gold sequin booty shorts, wear your favorite gold bobs, sip something to wake UP and shimmy to the PSYCHIC SPICE SOLAR POWER PLAYLIST, Moon Baby!

What songs would be on YOUR Solar Power playlist?

Wishing you a Merry and Bright solstice season on the Planet, Moon Baby.


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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Death & Doodles: Art Magick Ideas for Samhain

1) Crack open your grimoire/art journal/BOS and visually journal about your first experience with death.

2) Find a piece of fruit (or a something else in nature or behind your building) and photo document the process of decomposition. Print out your images and bind them as a flip book or compile your images into a video slide show as a meditation on transience!

3) Use bottle caps, mod podge and images of loved ones to create memory lockets. Add a jump ring and chain to make a memorial necklace.

4) Combine a drugstore votive candle, magazine images, drawings or printed pictures and create a memorial candle to venerate a deceased artist or historical hero who inspires you.

5) Re-purpose an Altoid or candy tin to create a mini memorial shrine for a pet.

6) Illustrate your own last wishes. Would you like to become a tree? Ashes shot out of a cannon? Be made into a bowling ball that will be passed down for generations? *Bonus points for researching your end of life desires.*

7) Gather up crayons and charcoal to make rubbings of headstones at your local cemetery. Use these rubbings as texture elements in future collage and mixed media work.

8) Laminate photographs of loved ones and companion animmals to use as book marks in your sketchbook or grimoire.

9) Paint a paper plate (the big oval Chinette plates work GREAT), recycled cardboard or old text book cover to create a custom spirit board.

10) Create your own version of the Death card. Which elements are most important to you? Which elements frighten you? What would you add if you were creating a Death card for your own tarot deck?

11) Play with plaster, cardboard or purchase a pre-made mask to create your own ritual mask for communicating with ancestors, underworld journeying, spirit communication or as an honorific decoration on your altar.

12) Use candle smoke to create ephemeral ghostly paintings. This surrealist technique is called Fumage-- you can read more about it in my book.

13) Stamp and decorate 3x5 note cards to transcribe famous family recipes or favorite dishes of departed friends. Bonus points for sharing them with people you know!

14) Embellish a recycled wine or olive oil bottle with beads, bedazzles and paint to create a spirit bottle for your altar.

15) Sew or cut paper bunting featuring the names or images of ancestors of place, familial ancestors or ancestors of tradition and display them on your altar or mantle!

16) Collage, draw or paint your Ultimate Genius Dinner Party scene: Which five people from the past would you invite to your home for a dinner party? Only rule: They must be dead!

What will you be making, Moon Babies?

If you try any of these ideas--be sure to tag me on Instagram @mollyroberts-herspeak.
I love seeing your creations!

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Friday, September 14, 2018

The Hermit Disguise: Bullshitting The Heart

I like to think I'm a nice person. 

A person who has an open heart.

I anonymously donate to charitable causes.
I smile at people.
I laugh when it's appropriate.
I watch the news and feel deep pain.
I avoid all confrontation.
I am very upset about the environment.
I use toothpaste that comes in a recyclable glass jar.
I politely unfriend people I don't want to see.
I can visualize ending world suffering in meditation.
I love uncomplicated relationships with animals that can't talk.

I'm a really nice person...

As part of my nice person act, I concluded the best way to save this horrible ugly world (and myself) was to become a holy Hermit.

The Hermit. Yes, I'll become the Hermit! The embodiment of Wisdom, the sage who lights the way in a world of darkness through sacred solitude.

This. Sounds. Great.

To achieve this next level of niceness (you know, my open, compassionate, sensitive heart), I withdrew to my sanctuary of books and paints and pretty rocks and wine. 

I stopped going out. I stopped talking to most humans because they had annoying feelings and problems. 

Check your drama at the door, friends! 
I'm evolving in here!

I can be totally Holy. 
Unfettered by the bullshit of the world.
Free of the crazy making of other people. 
I can be really careful with my energy.
I'll learn what's Real.
My divine Loving Nature will expand.
In the Jacuzzi of my comfort zone.
Cats only.
By anything.

Despite my full blown dedication to hermitude,
circumstances and other humans still managed to aggravate me--
I was still distracted and thrown by jealousy and resentment and fear.
So I hermited harder.

"Yeah, this is NEXT LEVEL detachment. This is SUPER peaceful," I thought.
"I am gonna be SO fucking nice it's unreal."

One day, while meditating/evolving
in my hermetically sealed Super Spiritual Palace of Unrelenting Peace,
I was sending out the aspiration for all living things on the planet to feel Love...

Sending tidal waves of magenta feeling to the birds and fish and faceless people..
Feeling gooey about how nice and compassionate this aspiration was.

That is like, so good and beautiful.

And then for some reason,
I thought of the homeless man I ghosted the day before.

Actually, the man I ghosted most days.
He lives under a bridge near my house.

I couldn't even look at him.
I couldn't deal with the pain of his suffering.
It hurt too much.
It was too uncomfortable.
And felt my stomach churn with shame.


Then I thought of the prickling resentment I feel towards people I don't even know.
Hell, the level of resentment I feel towards people I claim to Love.

And the level of passive aggression I carry with me...pretty much all of the time.

"So let me get this straight:
 You can play nice Open Heart games in the abstract, but you'll do everything possible to block out feeling ANY discomfort- any emotional availability- in your real life??"

...Yes. Basically, yes.


You're not a sage-y hermit.
This is a bullshit disguise.

This wasn't niceness.
It's most certainly not Love.
It was locked harvester freezer in a basement.
It was defense and aggression.

This wasn't a sactuary.
It was a hiding place.

It was a prison.
This was a half life. I was called out.

And the smug walls of the Super Holy Hermit Cave of Perpetual Solitude crumbled to bits. 

And my heart collapsed in on itself and liquefied.
I was so deeply embarrassed.
It hurt. A lot. 

And there was 
so much soft freedom in it.

"So this is what it feels like to People..."

To protect the Heart from any disturbance is to starve the Heart.
It will stay very safe of course--
and very empty, very lonely,
and very unhappy.

Real Love doesn't grow in a cave,
or a carefully crafted bubble,
or a perfectly arranged apartment,
or a manicured social media account,
or a fortress with barbed wire
or at an undisturbed altar...

Real Love grows in the messiness of our Life.
Real Love grows when we create room 
for the awkward and uncomfortable and painful.
Real Love grows by touching other Love.

And there is nowhere to hide, friends.

Isn't that wonderful?

Witch On,
Witch Boldly.
Be Well.
Be with Love.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Heart Magick Power Up Playlist

Magick propagates in the mind and heart before it's tendrils spread out into our Experience. 

We can feed it,
Offer it sweet funky nectar to sip on
and amplify it to touch the world around us.

Music is one way we can like offer sustenance to our magick-- whatever it is we're trying to create.

This year, I've been practicing Bramavihara meditation and cultivating loving kindness and wanted to focus on carrying it with me.  So I created a playlist to allow it to really permeate my day to day, even when I'm not meditating at the altar--

especially on days when I don't feel like I can or want to love anything.

Feeling crispy, down and out, bitter, lackluster, exhausted, lonely, cynical, over it?

Let's super charge our thumping heart jewel with tunes to pump up some sexy *good will* and electric loving feeling, moon babies. 

Listen to the playlist on YouTube Here

What are YOUR favorite songs for powering up the Heart?

Witch On, Witch Boldly XOXO


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Monday, August 6, 2018

The World Needs Witches...

The World Needs Witches by Molly Roberts

The world needs Witches...

Ones who will remember lost beauties,
Who will knit the future
Who will read to napping dogs.

Ones who will bless the sidewalk with a mamoth sunflower,
Who will heal because the buck stops here
Who will wander where others are too timid to go.

Ones who will ferociously share with formidable generosity,
Who will bind the invisible books
Who will swim naked and on fire.

Ones who will gather up the slivers of  bone,
Who will suck out the plastic with sharp teeth
Who will tuck us in at night.

Ones who will gather the mint and catnip,
Who will be the film that expands the scope
Who will possess the salt to look straight into that cracked holy mirror.

Ones who will gorge the imagination,
Who will flourish in complexity
Who give meaning to the roots and webs below the rotting porch.

Ones who will cook the loving kindness
Who will be the standing stones
Who will slither through the swamps of cyberspace.

Ones who will rip away the table cloth,
Who will compose confusing songs
who will leave a candle in the window so no one is left behind.

Ones who write the new names,
Who will listen like velvet bats
Who protect the blood red ruby of Peace of Mind.

Ones who will re-m e m b e r the dreams,
Who will banish the bullshit with a big stick
Who will toss petals on the shrines of Tomorrow.

Ones who will can the peaches in nectar,
Who will bury the window-slain sparrow
Who will wield the spells of speech.

Ones who will spread the cards,
Who will happily scavenge with paint stained fingers.
Who will carve the spoons to deliver the medicine

Ones who will invite the demons in for tea with lemon.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

20 Ways to Get Your Magic BACK

Every damn planet in the cosmos is in retrograde. Probably.
Social media is a hellscape.
Perhaps you have forgotten your squishy holy body.
Perhaps your excellent life is moving very very quickly.

We can always count on the Earth to help us get a grip,
get  I N C A R N A T E 
[embodied in flesh]
gain perspective
and take our magic BACK.

What are your go-to tactics for taking your magic back, Moon Baby?

Witch On, Witch Boldly.
Be Well.
Be in your Magic.

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